Crafting and harvesting guide in New World: basic information and tips

New World is the new MMORPG from Amazon, and among its many mechanics are crafting and collecting, whose guide and tips are especially necessary to understand the basic information. These are things that you’ll be interested in understanding, because if you don’t, you’ll have to do it when the game is much more advanced.

New World basic guide: tips to start off on the right foot

Basic guide to New World: tips to start off on the right foot
The first point you need to understand about crafting is that, if you don’t want to spend a fortune in the market, you will have to raise both skills more or less at the same time. As you will discover in your New World experience, the game has a pretty clear tempo that you must adhere to.

New World crafting and gathering guide: tips for success
This first section is quite simple, and is basically how the gathering system works. The first thing you will already know if you have already played other MMOs: you will not be able to get all the materials at level 1, but as you level up in the different types of harvesting you will have access to more resources.

It is important that, as soon as you start the game, you get the tools of all types of collection to start leveling up. Although you have already read this several times, it is important that from the first moment you have the right equipment to farm.

There are 5 types of gathering skills:

Tree felling
Gathering (plants)
Each one has its own level, and you should raise them all evenly (perhaps fishing is the least important). If you are looking for a particular material and you are a bit lost, this map can be of A LOT of help, because in it you can find from ores to animals, to know where you have to go to get the materials.

New World Map
In the image you can see ALL the ores marked on the map.

Once you have the materials, you will have to refine them. To do this, you will have to go to the city or town and use the forge or post on duty. The level of the workbench also has an influence, so to create the most advanced material you will have to go to the cities that have a workbench of the same level.

The refining skills are as follows:

Finally, if your faction dominates the city or town in question, you can get free materials (they will appear in a bag near the stalls). Remember to take a look if your faction is the predominant one.

Ok, you already have the refined (or not) materials and you want to start building equipment or improved gathering tools. Creating these improved gathering tools (iron, steel…) is KEY if you don’t want to be crafting for a long time, because the better the tools the faster you will get the materials.

New World
You are going to want to upgrade your gathering equipment, no matter what.
With this clarified, you must be VERY clear about one thing: the more crafting skills you get, the harder it will be, because you will need a LOT of materials from different harvesting branches. If your plan is to hit everything, then you better be patient and accept that you will have to invest a lot of time gathering materials.

The crafting classes are as follows:

Weapon forging
Armor forging
Furniture creation
When creating objects, keep in mind that objects will be taken from the warehouse you have in that city, so you don’t need to get them.

When you create an item, you can give it some special attributes if you have the necessary items (materials in green), with this, you can make sure that it gives you some extra attribute that can be great to do damage or endure something more. If you decide to use Azoth, you will increase the chances of these special attributes appearing, so invest wisely.

These special attributes will be important when it comes to getting powerful equipment, but they are especially necessary in your gathering tools, both to level up faster and to get more materials with each gathering.

The last important concept has to do with the level of the equipment. When crafting equipment, you will see the potential level of that equipment at the top right of the crafting screen, which will tell you what levels of equipment it can have.

New World team level
The team that comes out of this example will be between level 290 and 305.
This is not too much of a science: the better the materials you use, the higher this level will be. As you can imagine, this will be of interest to you especially in high-level equipment, although it all depends on you and the amount of quality materials you have.