Genshin Impact guide and cheats: best characters and weapons, combat tips and much more.

One of the most successful games released in recent times is Genshin Impact, a free-to-play open-world adventure with a small gacha monetization mechanic that invites players to enter a world inspired by real locations while bringing into play such characteristic elements as magic and supernatural creatures, but also friendship and teamwork.

One of the keys to Genshin Impact is that we can have dozens and dozens of characters, each with different levels and abilities, some of which can be obtained in a much simpler way than others, but adding that element of collecting that hooks people so much.

It is a constantly updated game, where new areas that can be visited are added, and where events are held almost monthly, to keep the community active within the game.

That is why, due to the immensity of this title, we have decided to compile all the guides and cheats we have published so far so that in one place you can take a look at each of the bonuses, rewards, codes and tricks that will come in handy for the wandering of the adventure.

Genshin Impact guide and cheats: best characters and weapons, combat tips and much more.


The game begins when the travelers, who are twin brothers, travel between worlds and arrive at Teyvat, which is engulfed in war, and before leaving, they are overtaken by a mysterious goddess.

Genshin Impact

At this point, the player can choose which twin to keep, the boy or the girl, to embark on the adventure. The mysterious goddess captures the unchosen twin and the other one falls unconscious to wake up on the beach and start his adventure.


It takes place in the world of Teyvat, which is divided into seven nations, although at first we only have a couple of regions available. However, in version 1 of the game we can travel through the regions of Mondstadt and Liyue, inspired by a real world.


Genshin Impact

Mondstadt is located on an island in the middle of a lake, specifically northeast of Teyvat. It is known as the capital of freedom, situated between mountain ranges and plains. This region is inspired by Germany and can be seen in the architecture, as well as in the names of the secondary characters.

Liyue: is a region that is inspired by traditional Chinese, something that can be seen both in the landscapes and in the city that has a traditional Chinese aesthetic. Also evidently we can see how the secondary characters have traditional Chinese clothing and also in the inspiration of their names.


This is the current map of the game, which will continue to expand with the passing of the versions:

Genshin Impact Map

Genshin Impact Guide and Cheats

One of the first things you must do in the adventure is to get Protogems and also farm Mora where we have already given you a series of procedures, although with the passing of the updates there could be better ways.

You will also have to get resources such as crystal, iron or white iron, and we have already given you the best ways.

Genshin Impact

When you have already advanced a few hours through the adventure, you will start to have many more characters available, and you will want to know which are the most powerful ones to add to your team. We have already given you an initial list of the best characters for Genshin Impact, with the best skills and the best equipment, but keep in mind that with the passing of the updates characters are rebalanced and new ones are added, so the list is only indicative.

One of the new characters that have been added with the latest updates is Kazuha and we have already given you the best equipment and clarified his key stats and skills.

Knowing a lot more about the characters, it should also be totally clear to you how the upgrade system works, but also that of weapons and artifacts. If you want to create better weapons and items, you will need the dandelion seed.

One of the main attractions of the game is the progression of the characters, and to level them up it is necessary to obtain resources, including hunting daggers.

Genshin Impact

Related to the above is the new reputation system, which is essential to understand in order to rebalance the characters.

In addition to being able to play the adventure alone, you can also play with your friends, and we help you unlock the cooperative mode.

When you move to the second region of the game, you will be interested to know how to get the prototype of the northern spear, dragon spear and other new weapons. Related to the above, we help you to get prototype sword, bow and catalyst from the northern territory.

In one of the latest updates of the game, a new material has appeared, specifically the Azoth powder that we tell you how to get it.

But as you want to get a lot of resources and bonuses totally free, don’t forget to check all our codes for Genshin Impact, such as those of July 2021 and other more recent ones that you will have as you read this text.

With all of the above, with this guide and cheats for Genshin Impact you not only have free codes, but also the best tactics, tips and guides to have the best characters, get the most out of them, have that item you are missing and a good experience to be able to overcome all those temporary events.