How to Earn Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

I need to show you a little bit about something that you can do that’s actually inside the fortnite game that actually does allow you to get quite a few bucks by doing certain tasks. without actually having. Fornite Save the world is actually a fantastic place for you guys to be able to unlock v-bucks. There’s tons of crazy things you can do. One of the easiest things you can actually do, even if you don’t want to play the game, is just go for a daily log and bonus, a.k.a. just click over there. 

Here you can see that you will get log-in bonuses of, you know, for how many days you’ve logged in. And it’s just it’s super awesome news. You can get hundreds of vbucks just by hitting that logging button and then logging back out and going into Battle Royale, which is really cool. And actually you can do as you can search around for a bunch of different missions and a lot of them end up having feedback rewards. While there may not be a ton of vae bucks per mission if you actually do them, they do add up very fast.

And if you actually only want Laken a month from the Annam shop, it’s to INTERFET bucks. Well, if you do a couple of these missions, you actually would be able to get a free amount just by playing a little bit of save the world. And one of the last things you actually can do within Save the World to get some free bucks is actually going and doing some daily quests, which actually do give you V bucks and also some gold within Save the World, which is definitely super awesome. So there’s at least three ways right there, which you guys can actually do within Save the World. 

Just a variety of things you actually can do to actually be able to get free vae bucks without actually having to even leave for night or just actually be able to do anything weird, something about you guys. But clicking a logging button and only having to do that and locking back on a fortnight, you know, Battle Royale, that’s actually a pretty good deal if I’m just getting, you know, automatically get, you know, two, three hundred, three bucks just for hitting that button. Our next method is actually gonna take us over here to this screen and we’re actually gonna go ahead and check out the battle passes. 

You guys know that Forte has a battle pass, which comes with a total of 100 different tiers. And throughout all the different, you know, tiers, there is no V book rewards in every scene, one on the one hundred five bucks each.

You can actually go all the way down here. But this what ends up actually totaling out to is a solid fifteen hundred V bucks for you guys to be able to get through. Just completing the battle pass. You you just pay a couple dollars to actually start the battle pass and you’re basically good from there as long as you actually play the game. And if you actually go ahead and complete something from the battle pass, lose it. 

We should actually go from here to the item shop. You can see right here these, you know, flail harvesting blades. These are only 500 right now. If we actually go over here to the safari skin. This is only twelve hundred. And I just gifted this to a couple of my subscribers. So they’re actually just, you know, completing your battle pass and leveling it up. There’s so many things here in the item shop like these emotes in everything that you could get. Just. By playing the game. So I would suggest doing that if you’d like to have a locker that looks so like this. This is all the stuff from the battle pass. This is tons of different legendary skins. I mean, we have all the dark series skins, you know, the D.C. Skins, the frozen series Skins, the icon series.

You’re the lava series, the Star Wars, the Shadow. I have all this different stuff. And this is thanks to actually me able to obviously spend obviously some of my own money, but also being on to do stuff like Daily Loggins and everything else like that. And on top of that, Fournette actually sends a free rewards and stuff all the time, you guys, to build complete. So there should be no way that you guys should be low on V bucks or low on skins in your locker.