How to become a healer in New World: Frost cleric

New World does not have an archetypical class system, but rather a really flexible system in which being a healer, for example, will only depend on the weapons you choose. This system has received a lot of praise from the community, and changing roles is something relatively simple.

As in any MMORPG, having a healer in the team will be key if we want to advance in dungeons and in PvP. The most optimal configuration seen during the beta should also be the one seen in the early stages of the game, and here are a few tips.

Ice cleric in New World: the most meta healer

Attributes and equipment
Primarily, you’re going to want to raise Concentration. It’s the main healing attribute in the game, and the higher this trait is the more you’re going to heal with the staff of life. However, you will also want to get a minimum of 50 points in Constitution, and at that rank you will unlock the potions passive, VERY necessary to last longer in combat.

You can also bet on some Intelligence, but ALWAYS keep in mind that your goal is not to do damage, but what you want is to have a lot of Concentration for your cures to be effective.

New World Staff of Life
The Staff of Life will be your best ally.
As far as equipment is concerned, it will depend on your play style, although it is NOT at all advisable to have heavy armor. If you are not very confident in your ability: medium armor. If you are good at dodging and you know the mechanics of bosses and/or PvP classes: light.

Weapons and skills
The two weapons you will need are pretty clear:

Staff of Life: your main healing tool, with both area and single target heals. You’ll want the abilities to be Beacon (some damage and area healing), Embrace of Light (single-target healing) and Splash of Light (area healing).
Gauntlet of Ice: very useful and, above all, CC to get out of critical situations and to annoy the enemy. You want the abilities to be Ice Pillar (slowing and damage), Ice Storm (area damage and slowing) and Bury (a block of ice that will protect you and only you).
The play style is going to be very simple, and the only healing skill you should save is Embrace of Light (for an emergency), using the other two if there is no danger. If your teammates are fine or the enemy is heading towards you, switch to the Gauntlet of Ice. When things get bad or they want to do burst damage, use Bury.