New World Hunter’s Guide: bow and axe

Although New World does not have a class system per se, it is possible to customize the character, as in the case of this Hunter guide, a character specialized in bow and axe. This huge range of possibilities promises to give players the opportunity to try out different builds without having to create a new character from scratch.

If what you’re looking for is a character with good long range damage and the ability to defend at close range, then you’re going to love the hunter. He combines both worlds very well, with the best weapon at long range and a real beast at short distances.

Hunter in New World: bow and axe, a great combination.

Attributes and equipment
The main attribute of this build is dexterity, an attribute with which the bow scales. Your main goal should always be to make the bow hit as hard as possible, so focus on this without forgetting that you should also distribute a few points to strength.

Many players believe that the ideal is to equip a secondary weapon of skill, but the axe is so absurdly strong at close range that it even pays to go for it at the cost of exchanging constitution points for strength points.

New World Axe
The axe is a great close-range weapon.
When it comes to equipment, you should be aware that this is a “glass cannon” build, so putting on heavy or medium armor is not going to help you much. The ideal is to go with light equipment, so you can roll well. As you can imagine, this class is only for players who understand dodge mechanics well.

Weapons and skills
The two weapons you will need are:

Bow: the best tool for long range damage. Aiming will be key, so you’ll need to get used to it. The skills you’ll want are Penetrating Shot, Rapid Fire and Evasive Fire.
Axe: as mentioned above, this is the best close range weapon in the game. You will do a mix of damage and healing, the best skills being Berserker, Social Distancing and Wild Charge.
The play style is quite simple to understand: as long as the enemy is at long range, you will punish them with your bow, switching to the axe as soon as they get too close and you want to heal.