League of Legends Draven’s Guide: a shooter to abuse

Few characters are more oppressive in League of Legends than Draven, as you will discover in this guide. Despite having a very high skill barrier (he is a VERY difficult character to play), if you manage to find the right key you have before you a shooter that will give you hours and hours of fun.

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Despite the fact that in his skill kit there is no skill that “surprises”, he does have a really interesting Q, as well as tools to unposition the enemy and move (and hit) a little faster. If you want to shine with Draven, you’ve come to the right place.

Everything you need to know about Draven: runes, items and tips

Draven Runes Guide
As it could not be otherwise, the branch of Domination is dominated by Rain of Blades, to get burst damage at the beginning. With Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter you’ll get a good handful of omnisuction, while Eyeball Collection will get you damage with every kill.

The secondary branch is Precision, and there’s Mental Clarity to get some mana with kills, and Legend: Lineage will give you EVEN more omnisuction. In the Small Runes there are no surprises either: attack speed, some extra damage and armor.

Draven items league of legends guide
The starter is the most standard thing in the world, with a Sword of Doran to get damage and some omnisuction, and a potion to hold a little more online.

Your core is made up of tools to do damage: Immortal Bowshield to get quite a bit of damage (and omnisuction, the backbone of the character), along with boots to give you some attack speed and a Recoiler to finish off enemies with low health.

Once your core is done, you can get your hands on the Infinity Edge (critical damage for a tube), the Deadly Reminder (to cut off heals and get some more damage) and Lord Dominik’s Memories to give you more armor penetration.

Basic interactions and tips

Draven has a beastly snowball ability.
The order of the abilities is Q -> W -> E. Normally, Draven’s starting game plan is simple: get a kill in the first few minutes to get extra gold with his passive charges and be a real nightmare for the enemy line. If your Q is at its peak (you have several charges), alert your jungler to get an easy kill.

In the middle of the game you will have to stay with your support, because although you have damage and a little bit of “escape” (thanks to your W), the reality is that you are going to be paper. If your allies get positive moves for you, you will be able to continue making the desired snowball effect with the character.

In the final stages of the game, you will have to follow the A, B and C of the positioning. Stay behind the frontlane and don’t let them hunt you down, or your team will have a really hard time stopping the opponent’s pressure. Use the windows of opportunity to do damage.