League of Legends Vex Guide: what we do in the shadows

New League of Legends characters always come out pretty strong, and in the case of Vex it’s been a real blast. Being a mid lane mage, all eyes are on her, and she seems to have more than lived up to expectations.

The yordle mage has a really interesting skill set, and has become a new benchmark for control mages. If you want to know how to play her, what skills to upload or what items you are interested in, here you will find the way.

All you need to know about Vex: runes, items and tips
Runes vex League of Legends Guide
The Witchcraft branch begins with the Phase Breakthrough, a great rune to chase opponents or to flee in compromising situations thanks to your poke. With Mana Band you will get mana for line phase, Transcendence will give you skill speed, ending with Pyrolaser, to scratch something more in the early game.

In Inspiration, Cookie Delivery and Temporal Distortion Tonic will be great for the line phase. As for the Small Runes, you want to hit something faster so that Phase Irruption jumps faster, some AP and MR for exchanges against other mages.

Vex Items
The start won’t catch anyone by surprise: Doran’s Ring and two health potions to regenerate health as you trade.

Its core is pretty standard for a mage, and Luden’s Tempest will help you get even better wave clearing, magic penetration boots will be useful to reduce resistances, and Zhonyas will take you out of the equation if the enemy team tries to wipe you.

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Once the core is finished, you can complete the build with the Morellonomicon (to cut the enemy sustain), the Rabadon (pure AP so that its abilities volatilize the enemy) and the Void Staff (good combination with your boots).

Basic interactions and tips

Vex is the newest addition to League of Legends.
The order of the skills is Q -> E -> W. This order of the skills already hints at what will be the initial plan of the character: use your Q to farm quietly and poke the enemy, always being aware of the mana.

By the middle of the game, when you have your core of items, you should start to be able to erase enemy characters. A basic combo for hunting if an opponent is low on health is Flash + W, although it is important that you control your positioning VERY well, as Vex is VERY dependent on being able to launch his abilities without obstacles and minions in the way.

By the end of the game you should be a real nightmare for the enemy carrys thanks to your skill kit. As always, try to stay behind in teamfights and use your excellent range to undermine the opponents and to access the enemy backlane.