Some of the Best PC Gaming Controllers

When it comes to controllers on PC, usually the most popular controllers of choice are the XBOX One and Playstation controllers. But what if you are looking for an alternative handheld? Well you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below to find your potential next controller to game on your gaming PC.

On a PC we can also play with controllers. Here is a list of the best controllers to enjoy your games in front of the monitor. We also give you a guide to install your Playstation or Xbox controller without problems.

The PC controller is an increasingly widespread peripheral among computer users. Although the keyboard is still the best way to play some games, there are other third-person action titles that are better handled with a gamepad, as they allow greater freedom of movement and better precision in any of our decisions.

However, not all PC controllers are the same. Here it depends a little on what is going to be its use, the number of buttons that we are going to use or even the dimensions of our hands. Is this your case and you are a little lost in the subject? Well, there is nothing to worry about.

Here we are going to dispel your doubts on this subject by making an extensive comparative guide of all the gamepads that you can find in our product catalog.

Which controller to buy for PC games?
The range of gamepads available in the video game industry continues to grow with each passing year. Despite this, we are going to stick in this list only to five controllers, since they are the most used among all those gamers who hold the title of PC Master Race User.

Krom Key Pro Gaming Pro Wired Gamepad
We start with this Krom Key Pro Gaming Wired Wired gamepads which is at a pretty tight price. This is a controller with a very lightweight design that features two vibration motors for a more satisfying gaming experience. It also comes with a turbo shooting function with which it is possible to achieve greater accuracy in any FPS.

It also has four backlit buttons and 3D effect and its connection is done simply via USB. Finally, it has a cable length of 1.8 meters, dimensions of 150 x 103 x 69mm and a total weight of 230 grams.

Pros. Very good value for money. One of the cheapest you can find on the market. LED buttons to play without problem at night. Very easy to install.
Cons. It is too light, so you have to be very careful with it.

Krom Kaiser Gamepad Gaming
We continue with this list to now present the following Krom Kaiser Gamepad Gaming, this controller will remind you much in design to the PS4. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip, although we could put a but, and is that the joysticks are not symmetrical and that may look more like the Xbox. Like the PlayStation has a touch pad that can come in handy for playing on PC.

In the central part of the controller, there is a button with the company logo that will light up in case the wireless connection with the computer has been made correctly.

Finally, it has a cable connection, but this is not necessarily a drawback, as it has three meters of extension, which is not much of a problem to be able to play a little far away if you need to. It has dimensions of 154 x 110 x 60 mm and a total weight of 262 grams.

Pros. It’s great for not only PC gaming, it’s also PlayStation compatible. It closely resembles the Dual Shock design. Allows various customization modes and game profile creation.
Cons. Some users comment that the triggers could be improved.

Logitech Gamepad F710
The Logitech brand has managed to postulate itself as a reference also in gaming peripherals. This time it stands out with this controller, the F710, a wireless controller with a perfect ergonomic design that makes it ideal for playing long hours. For the price it has, you could not ask for much more, it goes with batteries but you can also connect a cable to use it.

Its installation is very simple, can be done with CD or USB and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and higher. It has vibration effect to enjoy a more realistic gaming experience.

Pros. High quality design and ergonomics. Its price and the fact that it is wireless are two very important features to opt for this controller.
Cons. It works with two AA batteries instead of carrying battery.

Microsoft Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller
It is a controller specially designed to play Xbox One, but being from Microsoft is also perfectly compatible with PC. The Elite Series 2 is one of the best on the market and if you are a loyal PC gamer, this is your gamepad, look no further. It is very comfortable to play and has an unbeatable precision. It incorporates slots for interchangeable sticks that you can connect or remove without having to configure it.

As for the configuration, it has more than 30 new ways to play. Macros can be recorded. It allows you to take screenshots and record gameplay from the controller itself. Simply adjust its buttons and a world of customization opens up.

Pros. Highly customizable. Great precision of all its buttons. Comfortable and ergonomic plus a very nice design.
Cons. The price is a bit high.

Tempest K12 Wireless Gamepad
This controller has an excellent quality-price ratio, which is why it has become a favorite among users. This Tempest K12 is perfect for PC gaming, but also with a smartphone. It comes with a special mobile grip and is compatible with Android and IOs, so you can play your mobile games with it comfortably.

It comes with all the buttons of a regular gamepad as well as “fire function” or “rapid fire”. It also includes LED lights that inform you of the battery status and two vibration motors. This controller weighs only 210 kg, so it is extremely light and this may not please some people.

Pros. Good quality/price. Its special grip for smartphones allow us to play with the mobile much more comfortably.
Cons. It is a little too light. Some users point out that in Android is not compatible with all games.
xbox controller

What if we have an Xbox or Play Station controller?
It is quite possible that you have an Xbox or PlayStation controller in your possession and you think you can’t use them on your respective PCs. but nothing could be further from the truth! Both gamepads are two great options to play any title on PC without having to go through a box.

How to install an Xbox One controller on PC
First of all, if your Xbox One controller comes with a USB cable, in most cases it will only be necessary to connect it to the computer so that Windows itself recognizes it. If it is by wireless connection, you simply have to look for an adapter that can be found for less than 20€. There are even other “unofficial” models that are somewhat cheaper. When we have it, we will have to do the following:

We make sure that the drivers are installed correctly. If we do not have the typical installation CD, we can always download them from the official Microsoft website. Once downloaded, follow the whole process and restart your computer.
Connect the receiver to the PC. Any receiver will do, although we recommend one that is on the front panel. When we do it, we press the central button of the receiver at the same time that we turn on the gamepad.

Synchronize the controller. In this last step, we have to press a tiny button on the back of the controller. If we have followed all the steps correctly, the controller will be paired with our computer once the central green light is fixed.
How to install a Play Station 4 controller on PC
There are still many users who think that they cannot use the PS4 controller on their computers. This is actually the case, but we are going to give you a little trick to trick your PC. Are you interested? Then keep an eye on the following lines:

We download the DS4Windows program. It is a software with which it is possible to configure a PS4 controller as if it were Xbox 360. When you download it, compress it and run the .exe file so that it is perfectly installed.
We connect the PS4 controller. For this, we can use the cable via USB. If it is without it, we activate the bluetooth connection, click on the “add bluetooth device” option. We go to the PS4 controller, press the central button and then the “share” button. After four seconds, our gamepad should be paired. In case you are asked for a password, you will have to enter “0000”.

We configure the controls. Once the PC and the PS4 controller have been paired, the only thing left to do is to configure all the controls. It is possible that when you connect it, Windows will think it is an Xbox gamepad. But there is nothing to worry about. It will be possible to configure all PS4 buttons in the conventional way.

Final conclusions: Is it worth getting a PC controller?
There are still many “old school” gamers who think it’s a bit unnecessary to get a gamepad when you have a keyboard and mouse. What do I think? Here it depends a bit on the preferences or tastes of each one, but the truth is that for me it is a most rewarding experience to play a video game using a controller.

It’s like teleporting me back to another era when many tried the experience of having a Play Station One gamepad in their hands, the one that was used to play Tomb Raider II, Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil among many others.

In short, if you are only going to play MMORPG, MOBAS, or FPS, perhaps a gamepad should not be in your top priorities. However, the situation changes quite a bit if you are a regular player of third-person games, as this is where the PC controller can make the difference when it comes to achieving maximum precision.