League of Legends Jarvan Guide: A Colossus in the Jungle

For many League of Legends players playing giants is almost an addiction, and if you play jungles this Jarvan guide will come in handy. The king of Demacia is a character with a quite considerable CC, in addition to having a lot of endurance and a more than decent damage.

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Playing Jarvan is quite simple, but his items and runes have changed a lot with the passage of the patches, going from being a pure tank to be more than a hybrid colossus that deals like a real beast and endures his own.

Everything you need to know about Jarvan: runes, items and advices

Jarvan Runes League of Legends
The Precision branch has Conqueror, which doesn’t need much explanation either. With Triumph, you will recover some health after each successful gank. Legend: Presteza is useful to get some extra attack speed, and Golpe de Gracia will do extra damage to characters with low health.

In Inspiration there is Magic Footwear, to save 300 gold and get some extra movement speed, and Cosmic Insight to reduce cooldown of summoner’s items and spells. Small Runes are attack speed, AD and some armor.

Jarvan Guide Items
Its start is quite simple: Ember Knife as initial jungle item and a refillable potion to be able to complete the full pathing without having to return to base.

The core consists of the two quintessential colossus items: the Bloodsucker, which will give you some resistances and some area damage. The Sterak is the second colossus item, which in addition to a shield will give you damage and life, along with the Armored Boots.

Once the core is finished, you can get even more resistances and damage with the Guardian Angel, the Thorn Mesh and the Black Blade, three items that bring damage or stop the sustain of opponents.

Basic interactions and tips

Jarvan is a guaranteed jungler
The order of skills is Q -> E -> W. At the beginning of the game you are going to be one of the strongest junglers in the game, so take advantage of this by using your E + Q to get ganks early on. Try to find a good balance between ganking and gambling.

In the mid game you will still be strong, and you should use this advantage to use your CC to get ganks all over the map. Try to get as many objectives as you can, while trying to put your team ahead and using your ultimate to isolate some enemy carry.

Finally, at the end of the game you will lose a lot of steam, and you should be content to enter with the E + Q combo and then use the ultimate to trap a carry (preferably the ADC or midlaner) and put it at the mercy of your allies.