League of Legends Graves Guide: mid version

It is relatively normal to see characters changing positions in League of Legends, but there are few cases as curious as Graves. When he first came out, he was played as a shooter, then he moved to the jungle and now, surprisingly, he is being seen in the mid lane.

This is a really interesting character due to the enormous damage he can cause, in addition to some other ability able to control the area and take away the enemy’s vision. If you want to learn how to get the most out of this champion, you will love it.

All you need to know about Graves: runes, items and tips

League of Legends Graves Runes
Graves is a burst character, and the Domination branch is topped with Electrocute, to help him wipe enemies even more. Sudden Impact will help you do more damage with your E, Eyeball Collection will be great to get damage on kill, increasing your movement speed with Relentless Hunter.

The Witchcraft branch features Absolute Concentration and Storm is Coming, two runes to increase damage if you have enough health and as the game progresses. In the Small Runes, attack speed, some extra damage and magic resistance for the line phase.

League of Legends Graves items
The start of Graves is pretty normal for a character based on physical damage: Sword of Doran to get some omnisuction and damage, and a health potion to recover from some exchanges.

The important part of the build, the core, is pure explosive damage: Eclipse to increase the explosive damage of the character, the armored boots to take a little more damage and the Reaver to finish off enemies that are low on health.

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Once the core is finished, you can finish it with Lord Dominik’s Memories, the Infinity Edge and the Serpent’s Fang. With these items, you’ll get some extra damage, shield reduction and armor penetration to sting the tanks some more.

Basic interactions and tips

From jungle to mid: the curious change of Graves
The order of the skills is Q -> E -> W. At the beginning of the game, always try to use your combo when there are no minions in the way. Use your E to reposition yourself if the enemy jungler tries to kill you. At the moment you have the R, if the enemy has half health or less, use your combo and finish him off with the ultimate.

In mid game, look for roams and use the range of your Q and R to harass the enemy. Use your W to blind the enemy, and try to get enough gold to get your core and have more potential to assassinate the softer characters of the opponent’s composition.

By the end of the game, try to keep on roaming, punishing the enemies in the side lanes. If you manage to kill any unpossessed enemy, you and your team will have an easy time to achieve the neutral objectives. However, be careful not to get caught, because you are made of paper.