League of Legends Sivir Guide: getting to late to dominate

There are unconventional shooters in the lower lane in League of Legends, but in this guide to Sivir you’ll find one of the most classic shooters in recent memory in Summoner’s Rift. Not that it’s any secret that she’s a classic shooter, but it never hurts to know her.

Sivir has one of the most powerful basic abilities in the game, having a shield that is able to nullify enemy abilities. If you add to this the ability to wreak real havoc on several enemies at once and a pure utility ultimate, we are left with an outstanding shooter.

Everything you need to know about Sivir: runes, items and tips

Sivir guide runes
The Domination branch starts with Dark Harvest, because being a scaling character you will end up giving real bombs to enemies with low health. Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter are two important runes to generate extra omnisuction, while Eyeball Collection will be a life insurance if you are getting kills.

As for the Witchcraft branch, with Mana Band you will get a good handful of mana for the line phase, while with Transcendence you will be able to use your abilities more often. Small Runes are attack speed, some damage and armor to endure.

Sivir guide items
The start of Sivir is very curious, and it is in your interest to start with Tear of Mana. It is an important part of the Manamune, and with this you will advance a lot (with an extraordinary first back you can get the whole item and get the first advantage).

Its core of items is formed by the Manamune itself, the skill speed boots and as mythical the Drakkthar, to boost the damage of the champion as the game progresses.

Once the core is finished, you can complete your build with the Night’s Edge (an extra skill shield, to be even more complicated to hit by skills), the Collector (to finish off opponents with low health) and the Serylda (your ricochet and your Q are going to be a real headache for the enemy).

Basic interactions and tips

Sivir Lore
If things don’t get out of hand, you’ll be a beast in late game.
The order to raise the skills is Q -> W -> E. At the beginning of the game you will want to get as much as you can while you poke with the ricochet and Q. If the opponent is low on health, expect a good engage from your support to get a few easy kills.

In the mid game, you will want to stay close to your support, because you are paper. Keep farming during this time of the game, because the goal is to keep getting items while the game progresses without too much danger.

By the end of the game, if things have gone reasonably well, you have to hit like a real trailer truck. Let your allies be the ones to start the fights, stay a bit behind and do damage with your Q and your ricochet, while using your R in case you have to run away from the place or want to chase an opponent.