Templar in New World: the best class for solitary gameplay

It’s hard not to want a class to levee alone in New World, and the Templar is the perfect class to advance solo in the game. It combines a very interesting weapon for PvE content, using in the secondary weapon slot to constantly heal us.

New World Hunter Guide: Bow and Axe
New World Hunter Guide: Bow and Axe
The spear and the staff of life are two weapons that combine wonderfully with the philosophy of levee: together you will get interesting combos, CC, speed and healing. With this, you will have no difficulty playing the game alone, even in the most advanced content.

Attributes and equipment

The main attribute of the Templar is dexterity, and this is the attribute with which our spear scales. It is in your best interest to get the necessary passive upgrades, to obtain probability and critical damage. Once you have enough dexterity, you can upgrade some concentration to make your healing more powerful.

The last thing you will want is constitution, to have some more survivability. As you have 3 attributes to raise, you will have to distribute the points wisely, but remember that constitution is the least important.

Templario New World

If you don’t want to play in a group, you will love the templar

As usual, the most advisable is to have the light armor upgrades , always prioritizing trying to get physical and elemental resistances. Keep prioritizing dexterity, concentration and constitution in the equipment.

Weapons and skills

The two weapons you have to use are the following:

  • Spear: it is one of the best weapons in the game, thanks to its excellent CC and the ability to push groups of enemies. You will want to use the skills Spit (for damage to a single target), Sweep (to push a group of enemies) and Jump Kick (a stun).
  • Staff of life: when you are low on health and want to heal yourself, switch to the staff of life. You will be interested if it has the abilities Orb of protection (healing and some damage), Sacred Ground (healing in an area as you hit) and Beacon (some damage and healing in area).

The play style is simple: the spear will take care of medium and short range, using your single-target abilities to initiate. If a lot of enemies pile up, use the sweep, and if things get ugly use the area healing abilities of the life staff to hold your own.